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Edison Beach House All Suite Hotel

edison beach house all suite hotel

    edison beach
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    suite hotel
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Ft. Myers Beach Pier from room

Ft. Myers Beach Pier from room

We stayed on the beach at the Edison Beach House. If you are looking for a good place to stay I highly recommend this place. The best feature is everything and I mean EVERYTHING is cleaned between guests. For a place on the beach that is a big deal.

The logo was on the glass of the sliding glass door. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out and in-fact have a few different frames/compositions with the logo and beach views from our room.

Edison Beach Resort, Fort Myers Beach

Edison Beach Resort, Fort Myers Beach

Time exposure of the Edison Beach Resort, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

edison beach house all suite hotel

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Edison Nyc Hotel - Como Hotels And Resorts

Edison Nyc Hotel

edison nyc hotel

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"Captain Salzman's Missing Agent" - The Stroller - Houston Press, Pg. 15 - Friday, Sept. 4, 1953

"Captain Salzman's Missing Agent" - The Stroller - Houston Press, Pg. 15 - Friday, Sept. 4, 1953

Places and people mentioned:

Captain Joseph Salzman - private detective
Nick - "muscle bound body guard and his chief agent"
Moondog - New York City character
Jack Dempsey - famous boxer

Hotel Edison - NYC

NYC 2011 051

NYC 2011 051

Last look at Hotel Edison before heading to the play "Good People" for which Frances McDormand just won a Tony (and we think some luck wore off in the hug we received from her on this day in May :>)

edison nyc hotel

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